Purdue University Purdue Memorial Union Retail Dining

Fresh-Made Soup Rotation

Week 1Vegetable Soup Chicken Noodle (broth) Garden Tomato Broccoli Cheese (cream soup) Clear Vegetable Soup (broth) Chef's Choice (broth)
Protein Soup Cream of Spinach (cream soup) Italian Wedding Soup (broth) Chicken Cilantro (broth) Bacon and Corn Chowder (cream soup) Chef's Choice (cream soup)
Week 2Vegetable Soup Cream of Mushroom (cream soup) French Spring Soup (broth) Cream of Tomato (cream soup) Cream of Potato (cream soup) Chef's Choice (broth)
Protein Soup Old-fashioned Vegetable Beef (broth) Chicken Noodle (broth) Classic Minestrone (broth) Italian Wedding Soup (broth) Clam Chowder (cream soup)
Week 3Vegetable Soup Italian Tortellini (broth) Broccoli Cheese (cream soup) Clear Vegetable Soup (broth) Moroccan Lentil (broth) Chef's Choice (cream soup)
Protein Soup Chicken w/ Fennel and Mushrooms (cream soup) Beef Barley (broth) Italian Chicken Chili Chicken Noodle (broth) Chef's Choice (broth)
Week 4Vegetable Soup Cream of Broccoli (cream soup) Classic Minestrone (broth) Black Bean and Salsa (cream soup) Chicken Noodle with Lentil (broth) Chef's Choice (broth)
Protein Soup Mexican Tortilla Soup Tuscan Bean Soup (cream soup) Garlic Chicken Provencal (broth) Tomato Soup with Fennel Clam Chowder (cream soup)