Giving to PMU

Purdue Memorial Union

Purdue Memorial Union Gift Fund (51060471)

Purdue Memorial Union is proud to serve as a permanent memorial to the Purdue men and women who served in defense of their country. The building is a symbol of the unity of spirit that transcends individual differences. The Purdue Memorial Union Gift Fund helps to enhance the legacy of Purdue Memorial Union and maintain the historic building that has positively impacted so many of the Purdue community. 

Links to give to this and each of the following funds will be available soon.

Purdue Student Union Board (PSUB)

PSUB Leadership Development Endowment (021473)

The first priority of the Ever True Campaign is “Placing Students First”.  In keeping with this, a proposal has been initiated to raise $201,900 to create an endowment that would fund important leadership development experiences for both PSUB students and PSUB advisors.  The dollar amount of the goal is in reference to the culmination of the campaign in 2019.  This fully endowed fund would generate sufficient annual income to provide for these leadership development opportunities on an ongoing basis, and not subject to the vagaries of organizational budget cuts or other financial pressures.

PSUB Unrestricted (009393)

The Purdue Student Union Board, PSUB, provides a variety of programs and services that enrich and entertain.  Every day PSUB works hard to bring fun-filled excitement to the lives of the students, faculty and staff of Purdue University and citizens of the Greater Lafayette area through programming.  These events range from monthly feature films, cultural celebrations and live music to late night events.  This unrestricted fund will help provide additional events throughout the school year.

Laura Weismantel Warfield Purdue Student Union Board Outstanding Program Manager Scholarship (022352)

This award was established in 2016, to provide recognition to an Executive Officer or Director who exhibits exceptional strength in program management.  Laura Weismantel Warfield was on the Executive Board in 1974-1975.  The program management and leadership skills she developed while serving on the PSUB were invaluable in her career as a program manager for a Federal Agency.  The award was a way she could give back to an organization that meant so much to her.  The Outstanding Program Manager Scholarship will be given out annually to a current member of the Purdue Student Union Board of Directors.

Dale R. McHenry PSUB Alumni Scholarship (004005)                

The fund was established on August 2, 1985 to honor Dale R. McHenry, a retired Director of the Purdue Memorial Union. The PSUBAA Scholarship campaign was created to raise funds for PSUB members to apply for so they could be more involved with PSUB without regard to financial restraints. The scholarships are awarded annually to current members of the Purdue Student Union Board attending Purdue University.