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Villa is your on campus Italian restaurant offering you the highest of standards. Enjoy traditional Italian specialties prepared using "old world" recipes. Pizza, pasta, garlic breadsticks, salads and more.

All made with fresh ingredients, offered in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Pizza made fresh with "homemade from scratch" dough topped with tangy tomato sauce and lots of mozzarella cheese! Choose from a large selection of toppings. Located in the Union Commons, ground floor Purdue Memorial Union 


Service currently available to select locations, including:

  • Hawkins Hall
  • Young Hall
  • Union Club Hotel
  • Other prearranged locations

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Let us bring it to you! We offer delivery with Starship robots. Learn more about Starship and download the app!

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Acceptable Methods of Payment

Dining Dollars
Most Credit Cards
Meal Swipe
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