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PSUB Highlights

Photo of Lynaire E. White

Lynaire E. White | Alumni

Hometown: Plainfield, IN

Current Job and Location: Sr. Medical Marketing Consultant, Leverage Point Advisors

Years at Purdue University: 1980 - 1984

Major at Purdue University: Public Relations Management (HSSE)

Years Active on PSUB: 1981 - 1984

Positions Held: 1981-82 Worker/Jr Board Assistant, 1982-83 Junior Board: Jr Vice President, 1983-84 Senior Board: Director of Communications

What are some memorable moments from your time on PSUB?

When I reflect on PSUB experiences, I think of the people first and the events second. Sitting with fellow board members, PMU staff, or distinguished guests, like Purdue President Arthur Hansen, at formal dinners stand out. Greeting alumni at weekly Coffee Hours to the sounds of the Salty Dogs or working side by side in our stocking feet to paint backdrops – oh, so many backdrops! – in the basement workroom are treasured times. We shared a lot of laughter and camaraderie, with inside jokes and embarrassing awards.

There were probably a few tears, too, but those aren’t notable. What is memorable is a group of friends, who were willing to jump in to support one another. I am better for having known each of them, and I am fortunate to count some still as dear friends.

Advice for current students:

My advice is take advantage of every opportunity to stretch yourself. PSUB is a safe and supportive environment to explore new challenges. Find the leadership roles and tasks that match your career goals, and volunteer to do those. Yet, don’t reject roles that may not play to your strengths. PSUB is your chance to develop and discover new talents.

Also, PSUB introduces you to many different faculty, staff, and alumni. Talk to them; collect business cards and follow up. You have a built-in network, if you reach out and ask.

How did being a part of PSUB help you throughout your career?

PSUB played a vital role on my first post-college resume and early interviews. Rather than relegate PSUB to the “Volunteer Activities” section, I treated PSUB as one would a job or an internship, highlighting my responsibilities and accomplishments. This, with my internships, gave me an edge on actual experience and more to discuss.

Of course, the skills honed in planning PSUB activities are invaluable throughout one’s career: organization, project planning, time management, budget management, communication, marketing, people management, hospitality, problem solving/critical thinking, and teamwork. Early in my career, these skills helped me stand out over my peers as more experienced, and I continue to use them every day.

Lastly, as a PSUB board member, one is balancing school work with a number of PSUB activities as well as other university activities or even employment. Delegating, motivating volunteers, working together, problem solving, time management to control stress, and a sense of humor are keys to success. These are also the keys to strong emotional intelligence, a marker HR professionals use to identify potential leaders. Here, too, PSUB gave me a leg up over my peers. 

Photo of Molly Tieman

Molly Tieman | Board of Directors

Position: President

Hometown: Mooresville, IN

Major at Purdue University: Doctor of Pharmacy

Career Aspirations:

Pharmacist specializing in oncology/nuclear medicine

Favorite PSUB Memory:

I have been on PSUB for 4 years now and have been on the Board for 3 and I honestly can say I don’t have a single favorite memory. I have many amazing memories from my time. I have had the chance to form lasting friendships and have found my place here on campus. I really just enjoy when I get to spend time with the board or the members in general and share in a laugh. 

PSUBaa Leadership Conference

PSUBaa Leadership Conference

This year the PSUBaa steering committee decided that they wanted to plan an Alumni Leadership conference for the current students. With PSUB alumni doing everything from running their own businesses, to developing marketing tactics for companies, to working at colleges and universities, the students have a lot to learn from you all. The committee has put together several sessions, ranging from resume development to effective communication, as well as a networking lunch! The students are excited to learn from our alumni and to hear about their experiences. We will be updating our facebook page throughout the day so make sure to check it out to stay up-to-date on what is happening.

If you are interested in being apart of the conference next year let us know and we will make sure to add you to the list! 

Make sure to check out our facebook page for live updates from the conference on February 17th from 10:00am – 4:00pm.