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PSUB Highlights

Photo of Bill Naumann

Bill Naumann | Alumni

Hometown: Peoria, IL

Current Job and Location: Retired CEO, Hatteras Yachts

Years at Purdue University: 1956-1960

Major at Purdue University: Civil Engineering

Years Active on PSUB: 1958-1959

Positions Held: Junior Board

What are some memorable moments from your time on PSUB?

I always looked forward to the recruitment and training of new board members, as it was an opportunity to meet new students and be exposed to new ideas. 

Advice for current students:

Set some personal goals on what you want to achieve out of your PSUB involvement.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to enhance or develop some skills that can be useful in your career.  Don’t just be “along for the ride”.

How did being a part of PSUB help you throughout your career?

It helped me with several important “life learning” lessons:

  • Be willing to accept and utilize criticism.  The perspective of others is important.
  • People forget how long it takes you to do a job, but they always remember how well you did it.
  • Don’t let the “big picture” obscure important details.
Photo of Brian Fong

Brian Fong | Board of Directors

Position: Director of Entertainment

Hometown: San Francisco, California

Major at Purdue University: Account and Finance

Career Aspirations:

I would ultimatly like to be a Financial Analyst.

Favorite PSUB Memory:

My favorite PSUB memory was my first event, which was Open Mic Night, as a director. Since this was the first event of the year, I felt a lot of pressure to make it a successful event. I was worried that there was not enough marketing and that people would not show up. The event went smoothly and I felt I handled everything very well. It was very rewarding after the event to find out that there was a near record attendance and all the performance slots had been filled. I was very proud of myself and my committee for our first accomplishment and started the year off right with a successful first event.
Professional Development- ACUI

Professional Development- ACUI

ACUI is the Association of Campus Unions International and is the professional home to thousands of campus community builders!  ACUI has been committed to being innovated, responsive, and an inclusive leader in creating progressive education, training, and research in college unions and within student activities. Students and staff have had the opportunity to attend ACUI for several years thanks to Alumni who help fund the professional development fund! While at ACUI students and staff alike have the chance to learn from others, network, and expand their views. Brian said, “I like that I can do everything from interacting with multiple students from various universities through different educational sessions and fun activities, to talk to professionals about how they got to where they are today. I am not only able to learn about other university's programing boards, but also create friendships that make the conference very memorable.”