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PSUB Highlights

Jane Scott | Alumni

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN

Current Job and Location: Deputy Director at About Special Kids, Inc

Years at Purdue University: 1972 - 1976

Major at Purdue University: Social Work

Years Active on PSUB: 1974

Positions Held: Junior Board

What are some memorable moments from your time on PSUB?

The most memorable are the people, both Board members and Union staff that worked as a team to make the Union a place to come for all kinds of programming and campus highlights.  When I think about my years at Purdue it always includes people and events surrounding the Union. One of my favorite events was U-Sing.  Hard work but a great time of competition between housing units and showing off Purdue talent.  The Union is still my favorite place to visit when I go back to campus because of the memories that the building holds.

Advice for current students:

Some of the assignments and experiences that you have on PSUB will follow you into all kinds of areas of your future life, both professionally and personal.  Don’t sell it short and give it all you can.  Classes and book studying all have their place, but the things I learned in PSUB are still things I use all the time, even 40 years out from Purdue.  Knowing how to work on projects with others even though there are personality differences and different skill sets, how to delegate in a way that uses people’s gifts and interests, and how to get “larger than life” projects accomplished in a timely manner and feel a sense of accomplishment that only could have been done with intentionality and hard work.

How did being a part of PSUB help you throughout your career?

Life is always about working with others, no matter what kind of career you find yourself in.  PSUB showed me the importance of this and how to make it work.

Chelsea Kim | Board of Directors

Position: General Member, PL for VP of Personnel

Hometown: Bakersfield, CA

Major at Purdue University: Speech Language Pathology

Career Aspirations:

I would like to be a doctor of speech language pathology.

Favorite PSUB Memory:

Working on cresent signs with my committee!
Summer Stay Interns

Summer Stay Interns

The Purdue Summer Stay Scholars program encourages students to stay on campus during the summer. This program combines on campus summer coursework with research or internship experience in the West Lafayette area. Students apply to the program and those who are accepted receive a $2,500 scholarship to go towards tuition and fees. It also includes opportunities for students to receive hands-on experience through a 140-hour internship or research project. PSUB was able to host six scholars during the 2017 summer . They worked to put on 22 programs that varied from films to cultural celebrations, and everything in between. The Summer Stay Scholar program is meant to incentivize students who have had the opportunity to say and take classes during the summer, but chose not to. This program is changing what summers look like on campus and we are happy to be apart of it.