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Photo of Craig Newman

Craig Newman | Alumni

Hometown: Veedersburg, Indiana

Current Job and Location: Retired from AgReliant Genetics-President and CEO

Years at Purdue University: 1967-1971

Major at Purdue University: Agricultural Business Management

Years Active on PSUB: 1967-1971

Positions Held: Senior Board-Men’s Executive: Junior Board

What are some memorable moments from your time on PSUB?

During the campus unrest in the spring of 1970 after the shootings at Kent State, the Purdue Memorial Union was taken over by a large group of demonstrators from all over the country.  The “sit-in” was a real problem as activities were blocked and students could not use the facilities in the Union.  The question was how to get the demonstrators out of the building.  The Union building had never been closed in its existence up to that point.  So, the final solution was to initiate a new policy to close the Union from 12:00 midnight to 6:00 a. m.  This now allowed the Union staff to ask the demonstrators to leave at midnight.  This worked and ended the “sit-in”.  Our Senior Board was very involved in the discussions and decisions concerning this problem.  We met with Mr. Smalley and the Administration daily during this situation.  I was impressed because the Staff and Administration were sensitive to how the students viewed this problem and how they would respond to various options to solve it.  It was a tense time at Purdue.

Advice for current students:

Be as involved as you can be in the various PSUB activities.  Continue to take more responsibility and take leadership roles.  I believed that PSUB was the best activity on campus, and I was able to take advantage of many opportunities to grow and learn.

How did being a part of PSUB help you throughout your career?

I believe that my experiences at PSUB gave me a priceless opportunity to develop my organizational skills, management skills and communications skills that I have used my entire career.  The importance of teamwork was very evident as we had to organize and present many wonderful programs on campus.  I also learned about the importance of creativity and innovation as we launched new programs and activities every year.  We also were able to meet with many campus leaders and alums.  I had the honor of introducing the President of the University, President Fred Hovde, and Neil Armstrong.  My involvement in PSUB really created the foundation for my career.

Photo of John Brock

John Brock | Board of Directors

Position: Spirit and Traditions Committee Member, Project Leader for VP of Programs and Outreach Program Proposals

Hometown: Littleton, CO

Major at Purdue University: Finance and Management

Career Aspirations:

Personal Finance Advisor

Favorite PSUB Memory:

Family Fun day 2015! It was a very relaxed event that was early in the semester where I feel like I was fully able to connect with my committee through great conversation, and I became close friends with my committee after that. 



I-LEAD is a week-long institute designed for college students to come together and learn about the key concept areas of leadership, community development, and intercultural proficiency. This institute offers the chance for college students to focus on personal growth while relating it to the meaning of community and its importance within the college union. John said this experience taught him how to be a more developed and devoted leader while learning to focus on the core values of his life and PSUB. ACUI believes the core aspects of being a leader are, modeling the way, inspiring a shared vision, challenging the process, enabling others to act, and encouraging the heart. Upon return from the institute John said that he found he fit strongest in challenging the process and finding new and innovate ways to improve what PSUB is already doing. This experience is one that is impactful for both the students who attend and for the facilitators, like Angelica. Angelica said, “I-LEAD was one of the most transformative experiences. To know that the impact you’ve had as a small group facilitator has forever changed many if not all the students’ lives, is in itself humbling and inspiring. I have walked away from this experience with an even bigger appreciation for ACUI for providing a leadership institute that has and will continue to change the lives of so many students and student affairs professionals as well.” It is PSUBs hope that we can continue to send both students and advisors to participate in ACUI programs such as I-LEAD. We are able to send participants to leadership development opportunities like I-LEAD through the generous donations made to the PSUB Leadership Development Endowment (021473), which can be done here: