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Retail Dining Policies

PMU Dining Services Department Refund Policy

This Refund Policy effective March 22, 2010, applies to credit and debit card payments. A valid reason is required for a refund. Only managers or supervisors are allowed to give refunds. All refunds must be submitted with the original receipt that has the following information:

  • Date of transaction
  • Check Number
  • Items purchased
  • Last four digits of the credit/debit card used

Once a refund is issued, the credit can take up to five business days to appear on the user’s statement.

All refunds and adjustments will be made to the original credit/debit card that was used for the returned purchase. Existing regulations prohibit the University from making a refund in cash when payment was made with a credit/debit card. If you do not receive the credit/debit card refund within five business days, please contact Rhonda Resler at (765) 494-8942.

Terms and Conditions for Union Commons Gift Card

  • Where can I use my card?
    Your gift card can be purchased at any PMU Restaurant, both those at the Union and others on campus.
  • How long is my card redeemable?
    Two years from the date of last issue. This date will not be printed on your card.
  • Can I receive cash instead of food or merchandise?
    No, the gift card is for the purchase of goods and services only.
  • What happens if I lose my card?
    There are no replacement cards so please be careful in protecting your card.
  • How can I access my balance?
    At any PMU operated restaurant, both those at the Union and others on campus.
  • Can I order online?
    We are exploring this technology but not currently.
  • I just purchased or reloaded my card, is the balance available immediately?
  • Can I purchase gift cards for a group or in large quantities?
    There are currently no limits on the number of cards or the amount of money that can be loaded on your cards.

Use of the Union Commons Gift Cards constitutes acceptance of the terms implied above and any questions should be directed to Union Retail Dining Services, 494-8927.

Information on the Union’s restaurants can be found at http://www.union.purdue.edu/dining

Thank you!