Purdue University Purdue Memorial Union Union Rack and Roll


Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before submitting your reservations.

Reservation Request Form

If you would like to reserve bowling lanes and/or billiards tables at the Union Rack & Roll, please call (765) 494-8990 or fill out our reservation form.

Reservation Request Form

Terms and Conditions

Minimum to Reserve

The minimum amount of lanes or tables that can be reserved is two (2) and the minimum time is one (1) hour. After the first hour increments of 15 minutes can be reserved.

Available Times

Available reservation times will vary based on leagues, PE classes, and other special events. Reservations are not accepted during Xtreme bowling and Friday and Saturday nights after 9 pm unless with special approval by the manager.


Any food and/or beverage must be provided by the Purdue Memorial Union (Catering, Villa Pizza, Pappy’s, Freshens, Oasis, Union Market, Starbucks, or Coca-cola vending products only). No outside food or drink will be allowed!

Notice of Late Arrival

Without notice, your reservation will only be held 15 minutes past the scheduled starting time. If your group is going to be late please call the Recreation Center (765-494-8990) to inform us that you are indeed coming.

Cancellation and Reservation Amendments

You can add lanes or tables on short notice if they are available. You may not reduce or cancel your reservation with less than 3 days notice without penalty.

Request Confirmation

The online reservation request form is only a request and submitting does not guarantee the space has been booked for your event. Upon receipt and check of availability by our staff a confirmation will be given by email or phone call to verify your request and confirm that we have booked the event. Online requests made with less than 3 days notice are not recommended. If you would like to request an event with less than 3 days notice please call us at 765-494-8990. Same day reservations will NOT be accepted.